Secure business files. Use Self-storage!

Published on 7/17/2023

Self Storage Portsmouth  Ohio

Business Records Storage

Business document backup is a crucial component of any modern organization, and the advantages of using a storage unit for this purpose are numerous.  A storage unit offers a secure, offsite location for important documents so that they can be preserved and accessed at a later date if needed.  Additionally, storage units are easily accessible, cost effective, and provide flexibility for businesses of all sizes.  All of these advantages make storing with Triple Lock Self Storage an ideal solution for document storage.


A storage unit offers a secure way to store important documents so that they can be preserved for years to come.  Our storage units are equipped with 24-hour security systems and cameras that provide round-the-clock surveillance.  Furthermore, our storage facility requires and electronic PIN code for entry, making it difficult for unauthorized individuals to gain access to the unit.  Therefore, businesses can be assured that their documents will be safe and secure with Triple Lock Self Storage.


Using a storage unit for document backup also provide businesses with the added benefit of an offsite location.  Having an offsite location for document backup is beneficial because it allows businesses to store their documents away from their primary office location.  This is especially important in the event of a disaster such as a fire or flood, as the documents will remain safe even if the primary office is destroyed.  Furthermore, an offsite location provides additional peach of mind that the documents will be secure and available even if the primary office is closed due to a power outage or other incident.

Cost Effective

Our storage units are also cost-effective when compared to other document backup solutions.  Businesses can rent a storage unit for a fraction of the cost of traditional document storage solutions such as offsite tape storage or cloud storage.  Furthermore, businesses can rent any of our storage units on a month-to-month basis, giving them the flexibility to increase or decrease their storage space as needed.  This makes storage units an attractive option for businesses that do not require a long-term storage solution.


Finally, our storage units offer businesses a great deal of flexibility.  Businesses can choose the size of their storage unit to ensure that it is big enough to accommodate their document backup needs.  Additionally, businesses can rent multiple units if necessary, giving them the ability to store additional documents without having to upgrade to a larger unit.  Furthermore, businesses can easily access their documents at any time, allowing them to quickly retrieve important documents when needed. When you find a secure storage unit for rent you'll want to grab it.  Everything considered, Triple Lock Self Storage is the smart way to go for your business records and document storage.