Choosing The Right Storage Unit For You Pt 1

Published on 1/23/2023

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Choosing The Right Storage Unit Pt 1

These days, Self storage facilities are becoming increasingly popular as people look for secure, safe places to store their belongings.  In fact, Self-Storage has become almost a necessity for many of us. This is particularly true for self storage in Portsmouth Ohio and storage units in Lucasville Ohio areas. We all have stuff, and lots of it.  And, it’s becoming harder to find places to store all of our things.  This is true for both individuals and businesses.  

Individuals need to get their garages back to being used for their cars and not boxes.  Also, a storage facility is a great place to put extra furniture and household items, collections, extra items from downsizing, seasonal items, items from cleaning out a parent’s home, sports and recreational equipment and more. 

Businesses use storage units to put business records and papers for safe keeping (and to comply with the law), as well as furniture and supplies.  And contractors find a self-storage unit a great place to keep their important tools and equipment safe and secure and easily accessible.

But, choosing the best self storage units for your needs can sometimes be a confusing task. With so many facilities available, it can be hard to know which one is best for you. To make sure you choose the right self storage facility for your needs, it's important to consider a few factors such as:

·         The types of storage units available

·         The security measures in place for protection

·         The customer service provided by the facility

·         The convenience of getting to a facility

·         Can you drive right up to your storage door to easily unload?

·         What are the gate and office hours?

Then, once you have chosen your facility, you have to determine how much space you will need so that you can pick the right size unit to get the best value.  Many people make the mistake of renting too small of a unit, thinking that they don’t have as much to store as they do.  Sometimes, they’ll even rent the smallest unit available without even thinking about it.  When they arrive to store their goods, they end up only being able to fit some of their items in the storage space and have to take the rest back home.  That defeats the whole reason they wanted to rent storage units to begin with.

Here’s a tip – Try to imaging you items packed and stacked which will help you visualize your space.  Then, allow extra room so that you can move around after your storage unit has been packed.  Don’t make the mistake of filling your unit up with nowhere to stand or move about.  It’s better to get a bigger unit than you think you will need so you can pack your items efficiently, and you’ll have extra space to store additional items as you need.  If you don’t could end up renting an additional storage locker in the end.

We will continue this guide in an upcoming post.